Thursday, October 23, 2014

What To Wear When You Get Fired

Oh, it's so okay to have a sense of humor.  I didn't know I was getting fired on Monday, but I certainly wasn't happy to get up in the morning, that's for darned tootin.  I still dressed up, though.  A lady always needs to represent.

I was starting to wonder if I should call this post "Adventures in Big Hair."  Still not that great at mirror selfies, so here I am looking down instead of up. And excuse the dirty mirror...once I saw the pictures, I cleaned up.  LOL...

I decided to hot roll my pixie again.  Second time, and I still like it.  This time, I sprayed heat protectant in it again (see black bottle with red handle by my hip) but also moussed it before I rolled.  What a difference.  These curls literally lasted until today (Thursday) although not as tight.  It was a gorgeous wave and since it's not humid right now, my hair stayed put.  I got tons of compliments on it!  I also did an all over quick aerosol hairspray.  

Wish I could tell you what brand name this shirt is, but I cut the horribly itchy tag out many years ago.  I don't even have sensitive skin so for me to be bothered by a tag is unusual.  I never liked the split sleeves on this top, but the color was so pretty that I kept it.  Now, it's clearly too big, as you can see my boobs do not fit in the bodice area of this top, so it's going to get donated once I wash it.  I'm wearing my size 18 Lane Bryant work trousers, and I wish you could see my shoes, but I have on cute little green flats.  The necklace is pretty but annoys me, as my neck turned green by the end of the day, so I guess I'm getting rid of the chain.  Silver toned dangly earrings from Goodwill and a silver toned stretchy bracelet, probably from Avenue although I can't remember.

There is some good news on the job front.  I was contacted by a coding company based in Texas who are actively recruiting new coders.  All I had to do was take an online exam, use my coding book (absolutely legal, even during the national coding exam it was open book, and still extremely difficult!) and if I got a 90% or above, I'd get a job.  However, this kind of coding is totally different than any kind of coding I'd ever done before.  It's called HCC coding, which is capturing only the most severe diagnoses.  It's actually what you're supposed to do anyway; for example, a patient can have diabetes.  OR....they can have diabetes with heart failure, diabetic retinopathy, and kidney failure.  Clearly, in order to get the patient the care they need, you have to code all the nuances, and not just the plain ol diabetes.  But in the past, I've only done procedure coding; I already knew the diagnosis, and I was coding the procedure being done, such as a foot amputation or cataract surgery.  So I grabbed my diagnosis code book, made a pot of coffee, and began my exam once the kids left for work and school.  It was 25 questions long, and no time limit.  Because of needing a 90%, I could only miss two.  (Some questions were worth more than others, BTW.)

Oh, peeps.  I missed THREE.

88%.  So close, I actually cried a bit at the table for a minute.  Then I pulled myself together, emailed the owner of the company, told her that I got an 88%, and thanked her for her time.  I was shocked to receive an immediate reply, and an offer to take the exam again.  I immediately agreed, thanked her AGAIN,   It was so close to the time the boys were coming home from school, that I decided to wait until the next day (which is now today) to retake the exam.  I like a quiet house, you know?

Then, just as I was about to take the exam, I got a phone call from a job.  I decided, WHAT THE HECK, got dressed, ran out the door and did an interview.  Unfortunately, it was another temp agency, and by the time I drove to Lake Mary, the recruiter told me that the doctor's office changed their mind and wanted a person who was not only a medical coder but also an accountant, and then to only pay $13 per hour.  I actually laughed.  I'm not an accountant, I'm not even great at math.  I'm a coder.  And that's low even for coding, but then to add accounting to it?  LOL.  But I went through the interview with the temp agency in case anything else popped up, and then I went to Chipotle, then Allstate because they keep messing up adding my new car onto our policy, and then I came home.  To doggie diarrhea on the floor.  I put Poe outside, changed into old clothes, cleaned up the dog poop, then sat down at my laptop to take the exam.  And my email was down so I couldn't log in.  What a waste!

Oh well.  I have dinner in the crockpot and my hubby is coming home tonight, so I will take the exam tomorrow or tonight and maybe have a new job really soon!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Twice In One Year

Well, for the second time in less than one year, I was fired.

The new job, which in one of my previous posts I mentioned that I hated, fired me yesterday.  I am more relieved than upset.  I wanted to quit on day 2, and let me explain why.

I was three days late to training.  No one's fault, the lab just took an incredibly long time with my drug panel.  So while everyone else was working learning Monday through Wednesday, I was at home.  On Thursday, I finally started, and quite far behind.  I asked my trainer if there was any way I could catch up during lunch, or on breaks.  Denied.  I asked if there was anyone available to stay late, so I could learn.  Again, denied.  So, without knowing how their system worked (totally different than my last job) I floundered and made a lot of mistakes.

What really bugs me is that we were told repeatedly, "If you're having trouble, please let us know.  We'll help you."  And when I asked, I was fired for asking too many questions and "not being able to keep up a fast pace."  Excuse me, but training shouldn't include a "fast pace."  It's about learning new skills and applying them properly before you pick up speed.  The recruiter at my temp agency apologized profusely, said she couldn't believe they would fire me for something like that after seven days in the office.  Seven days! Luckily for me, I knew on day 2 that this place sucked and I never stopped applying for jobs.

Today, I'm home.  I'm happy, but feel guilty for letting my husband and kids down.  But I have a lot to do today!  For one, I'm going to clean off my desk and find all the paperwork from previous jobs applied, and follow up.  I'm going to do some deep cleaning because poor Missy has been sick for two weeks.  I'm going to listen to praise and worship music, drink coffee, go for a walk, and do some Jamberry stuff.  Ohhh, as much as I love coding, I almost wish I could do Jamberry as my only job.  I'm really starting to love the product more and more!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Cobalt was a big color several years ago.  I've always loved blue, and when I found this dress at Ross two weeks ago, I made the splurge.  ( was over $20, that's a "splurge."  I was looking for work appropriate outfits, and I cannot believe how many people believe that sleeveless is work appropriate.  (Although I have learned at my new place, pretty much anything goes.  But I still get weirded out over bare arms at work, even in Florida.)  Finding this cute elbow length sleeved dress with the "please don't look at my 3 baby tummy" rouching was a total win.

I'd tell you the name of this dress, but I spilled salsa on it, and it's in the wash.  Target necklace, you can't see my earrings, and my shoes from Ross.  

Maybe I should have named this picture "hourglass" instead of the Sunday photos.  Goodness.  Anyway, look at my hair.  It's almost ponytail length again, for pete's sake!

The job is still the same.  I actually texted my recruiter on the way home from work on Monday afternoon telling her that I didn't feel my placement was a good fit.  Now, I've never worked at a temp agency before, but let me tell you this:  their reaction was not what I hoped for.  Basically was told that I signed a contract and I have to stay, or give two weeks notice.  Now, let me say something.  If I happen to get a job offer doing coding and they want me to start tomorrow, I'M GOING.  I like this place, and I like the people.  But ultimately, I'm here looking after my family and home.  I'm not walking away from a golden opportunity for a temp job.  Meanwhile, my daughter is so sick she's begging me to go to the hospital and I feel horrible because we have no insurance.  She's an adult, so she can go without me, but I warned her that she'll get an enormous bill that she will never be able to pay.  And that sucks.  It's not right.  Three adults with three jobs in this house, and no insurance.  I came home and applied for two more jobs, and I'm about to make a cup of tea for my daughter and me, and do some more job hunting.