Sunday, March 22, 2015

Loving Life

In stark contrast to the past several years, I wake up with a smile on my face.  I had no idea how much my old job was just sucking the joy out of my life.

I wore my old zebra print dress to church today.  It's a size 1x.  It does still technically fit, but it's definitely getting looser.  I bought a dress online that is a size 0x, and it fits, but it's tighter than I like in the belly area.  So that one may sit for a bit until I drop a bit more weight.

I wasn't fancy today.  Older zebra dress, black tank from WalMart, black flip flops, and an old silver chain with a silver flower on it.  Black studs from WalMart for my earrings.  Basic, easy, took me less than five minutes to get dressed and out the door.

That one piece of hair will simply NOT comply to my attempts to lay flat.  It hates me AND physics!

Bucket was impatient and so I only got three pictures before he was done with me.

Here's a few things I wore this week:

My awesome turquoise tunic top from WalMart, and having a seriously big hair day.

Oh hair.  Why do you hate me so?  It was really humid this day, can you tell?

Look, pattern mixing and bad hair!  My polka dot dress from Ross, and my JCPenney cardigan.  Black and white is starting to become one of my favorites; I find myself drawn to it, and my closet is reflecting that.

I'm on the train here, trying to sneak a selfie before someone else sits down next to me.

Another big hair day, so this time I attempted to do a side brain to hold it down.  It lasted about half the day, but at least I didn't look like I stuck my finger in a socket until 1pm.

My youngest is on Spring Break this week, and luckily my daughter has three of those days off work.  She's taking them to the movies Monday.  Tuesday she has to work.  Wednesday she is taking them to the Springs for swimming.  No plans for Thursday yet.  I'm glad she's willing to drive them around and take them out for fun so they're not home doing nothing for a week.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy In Blue

My wonderful.  While we haven't caught up financially yet from my 6 months of unemployment, that impending sense of doom I felt is gone.  And with that, I went thrift shopping with my daughter, and got this cute dress for $6.

The brand name is Evan Piccone, which I'd never heard of before, but it has everything I like in a dress.  Elbow length sleeves, just below the knee length, a wrap top and a ruched mid -section.  Check, check, check, check.  The gorgeous saturated color was a win too.  It's a deep sapphire but with a bit of a purple tint.  I wore it with my new summer sandals from Ross.  I got them for $23.99 and they're called "Bare Traps."
The happiness, however, comes from being satisfied and secure in my new job.  Plus a good looking husband saying VERY suggestive things to me while taking my photos, which is why I'm laughing here.

My new boss is already allowing me to do some coding, too.  Oncology coding is a lot different than surgical coding, so I'm making mistakes.  But she is so gracious and using my mistakes as a teaching tool.  I literally beam when I walk in the door at my new job.  I didn't even realize how my old job was making me feel; useless, used, down, sad.  This new job has me feeling uplifted and happy.  My skills are being used, but I don't feel beat up when I clock out.

Plus, I am loving my train rides to and from work.  Unlike my husband, I do NOT travel well.  I like my schedule, my house, my own bathroom.  I know some people love a long drive, and I'm not really one of those people.  The drive from my house to the station is 20 minutes, and frankly, that's enough for me.  Then it's still a 43 minute train ride.  I have been trying to use the time to catch up on reading but it turns out that I get a bit queasy reading on the train.  I have to keep looking up and out the window or I get car sick.  So mostly, I stare out the window, pray, and mentally prepare myself for a busy day.  It sure beats being stuck on the interstate.

Just a beautiful dusky evening in Central Florida in March.  Can you believe we had to mow the grass already?

The most part, my sickness is gone (except for this horrible cough which still plagues me) and my miscarriage is over.  Unfortunately, two weeks after my miscarriage ended, I got my first cycle.  I am broken out so bad right now, it might be one of the worst episodes I've had since my teens.  It's so bad, I didn't even take Sunday pictures today and I went to church with no makeup, trying to give the pimples a day without makeup to heal.  It was NOT PRETTY.

As far as working outside the home, my kids are doing well.  Missy might become a kitchen manager at her job.  She's only 19, and that makes me proud.  She's a good hard worker.  Tiger has taken over the housework and cooking, and so far, I would give him a D+ on that.  Because I got up this morning and did two loads of dishes.  He's not going to make a good house husband.  Sorry, future Mrs. Tiger.  Bucket was my main concern, and I have to say I have been super proud of him, too.  He's keeping up on his grades in school and we've had no behavior issues since I started this new job.  In fact, he's taking a senior level course right now (he's supposed to be a junior, is technically a sophomore, but should be a senior once he takes two summer classes online) and is earning himself a new video games for Spring Break.  Their Spring Break starts this upcoming Friday, and I finally don't have to work in the house during their frivolity.  I intend to leave them money to do things on the day their sister is home to drive them around (movies, swimming at either the springs or the beach) and hope to have an arcade day at Daytona with them at least once.

Anyway, now we've caught up.  I hope you'll log into the comments to tell me how you're doing, too.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Down With The Sickness

Bonus points for anyone who can name the band that uses the title of this post in one of their songs.

I did not mean to disappear for what...three weeks?  Started my new job, which I LOVE and is so awesome I can barely believe how blessed I am.  But on my second week, one of the doctors heard me coughing.  Oh, the cough.  I could.not.stop.coughing.  I was miserable but too scared to call in sick.  The doctor heard me, talked to my manager, and I got sent home and was told not to come back without a doctor's note.  Well, great...I don't have health insurance.

So I went to the Minute Clinic at my local CVS.  He refused to see me because my blood pressure was sky high.  I haven't had my BP meds in months.  So I ended up in the emergency room, diagnosed with hypertension and bronchitis, but I got my doctor's note...and of course a nice bill in the tune of about 3 grand.

After a week of antibiotics and cough medicine, guess what.  I'm still coughing.  But not as much, and with my doctor's note, I am back at my desk, learning my new job.  I definitely want to start taking pictures again, but I admit, I have been so unhappy with my hair that no matter what I wear, I don't feel pretty.  My husband took pictures of me today.

Turquoise tunic bought at WalMart, it's Faded Glory size 16.  The skirt is also WalMart, but purchased years ago, just hardly ever worn because I am a slob and kind of scared to wear a white skirt.  Pookah shell necklace from when my friend went to Hawaii, and no shoes at all. Ratchet hair (as my teens would say) courtesy of me and my genes.

My daughter just recolored my hair which at least helped with the horrible frizziness, but this growing out business sucks badly.

He told me to strike a pose...and of course I go for stupid instead of sexy.  Go me.

My car has been fixed, at least.  Didn't cost me anything since I was rear ended.

No explanation required.  I just love him.