Monday, September 15, 2014

Existing With Flair

I had no idea how much of my identity was wrapped up in my job.
I barely get dressed every day.  In fact, I am right now still in my pajamas.  I applied for six jobs this morning.  I had four cups of coffee and too much bacon just enough bacon.

Still, I persevere.  I'm doing Jamberry which is fun but is definitely not enough to live on, especially since I am not so good at sales.  I rearranged furniture in the entire house which was actually a great move, because we turned our living room into a bedroom for Tiger.  Now our old dining room is our living room, and my office is our dining room.  After all, there was no need for an office for me anymore, right?

I still go to church every Sunday, in fact I am now the leader for the 2x2 program at our church.  It's a program designed to allow kids of any disability to be integrated into a regular Sunday school, just like everyone else.  The previous leaders are leaving to go to another church, and I couldn't let the program just die out.

Hello, gray hair.  I hate you.  Hair is growing out very quickly, as usual.  Missy colored my hair last night so at least I'm dark brown again.  I just have issues with graying hair when my natural hair color is so dark.  I am wondering if it's time to strip my hair down to more of a caramel color so that the grays will blend in better?  Not completely blonde, but more of a light brown with caramel honey highlights?

Red and white dress, size 18.  Can't even remember the name of it, but I've had it for at least 5 years.  And my trusty red Target flats.  I think you can tell I'm not thrilled with this look today, although I got lots of compliments.

Guess what.  I wore this to church, and went right back to pajamas as soon as I got home.  Just not feeling it lately, guys.  I'm sure you can understand.

I have my CPC exam in two weeks, and I have barely studied.  I don't believe I'm depressed, because I'm in a pretty good mood most of the time.  I got my last check last week and bought a ton of groceries to carry us through until my unemployment is approved.  Plus I have another job interview tomorrow at a local hospital.  It's not for coding (more patient insurance junk, Lord I've had enough of that but hey, money is money, right?) but I just need something to do.  Although there is plenty to do in this house.

Husband is back at work in the truck, and my daughter has a job interview this week also, with a data entry company that gives 40 hours per week Monday through Friday, and benefits.  One of her friends already works there, so the interview is a formality more than anything else.  If she does get the job, she's planning to move out with her best friend (who is married with a baby!) and that is just going to be the weirdest thing ever.  Then Tiger will move out of the modified bedroom into her room, and I can finally have a proper sitting room next to my fireplace.  I'm actually kind of happy about that.  But I will miss her...just not her mood swings and crappy attitude.  I have a feeling that once she's on her own, she'll realize how good she had it here and be a bit kinder.  At least I hope so.  We're also planning on her taking over the payments on my Durango once she gets the full time job.  I've had enough of driving that behemoth, and she loves it because she's into "muddin."  (That's Southern talk for driving a vehicle through mud and dirt and getting filthy.)  My Durango is a 4x4 so it's perfect for that.  Until I am working again, I can use hubby's Dodge Ram and then I'm hoping to get my first new car.  I'm almost 40 and I've NEVER had a new car.  Due to some excellent planning, I have some money set aside and I'm hoping to buy a vehicle in cash.  But we'll see.

So I guess that's enough for now.  Today is a student holiday so I'm going to drive one of my boys to a friend's house and I really should sit down and study my modifiers for my CPC in two weeks.  Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Things Go Wrong At The Right Time

I am still reeling from my job loss.  But for weird reasons.

1)  I do not miss the work.
2)  My house is still not clean?
3)  I wander around aimlessly, not sure of what to do, and seeing so much that needs to be tackled.

My husband, who had grand plans of staying in his truck for a month, re-injured his back.  Back in April, he ended up with a herniated disc.  He was feeling much better after seeing a chiropractor, and had stopped going, even though I kept telling (nagging?) him to go back.  Well, he paid the price.  He bent down in the trailer to pick up a piece of paper and threw his back out all over again.  The poor guy suffered in that truck for five days until he could get home.  It's pretty bad.  He can't move without me helping him.  I mean, I have to lift him out of bed, walk him to the toilet, make all his meals, help him in and out of the shower, I even have to bathe him because he can't bend to wash his legs and feet.  So now, technically, we are both out of work.  At the same time.  Lord, have mercy.

But even so, I can see again how the Lord is blessing us.  Thank God I don't have to split my time between working and taking care of my husband this week.  It's the first business day of the month which is when Medicaid products roll over and have to be re-verified.  Always the busiest day of the month, and there is no way I could have taken off to take him to the chiro.  So I kind of laughed and said, "Thank you, Lord, that I don't have a job so I can take care of my husband!"

We were laying in bed one night and I said, "Don't get mad, but I wish I didn't have to go back to work.  I'm kinda enjoying this."  He held me tight and laughed and said, "I figured you'd say that.  You haven't had more than two weeks off since Bucket was born.  Just enjoy the time you have right now."  Peeps, Bucket is 16!  Can you believe how long I've been working?!?!  So yes, even though I am nervous about money, I am happy that I'm not sitting at that desk.

One evening, as I put him on my back and helped to drag him to the bathroom, he kissed my neck and said, "You win Wife of the Year award for helping me so much."  And I wanted to cry, because I thought, I'm blessed to have HIM.  A guy who was willing to work so hard for our family that he injured himself to the point of not being able to walk without some assistance?  We are just so good together.

Anyway, if you'd please keep my handsome husband in your prayers, I'd so appreciate it.  No outfit posts right now, because I'm in work mode, not dress up mode, although I am wearing my striped gray and white skirt with a pink tank top right now.    

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Money is tight and I needed interview clothes.  What to do, what to do?!?!

It's Goodwill time!

Does this look like the face of a woman who is unhappy?  Nope.  I have the day off, and I'm going thrifting!  You know what's funny?  The red shirt I'm wearing here was also purchased at Goodwill!

Look, if you have the patience, you can find some great items at Goodwill.  It's not like I had anything to do, anyway (although I still have not cleaned my desk.)  I dropped off some items to donate, and then I parked and went in.  Going during the week is so much better than weekends!  I practically had the place to myself and found some great items!  I was specifically looking for tops which didn't require a tank top to be worn underneath for modesty issues.  My husband said that while he appreciates my great rack, it doesn't need to be on display for an interview.  Why is it that most plus size clothes are so low cut? Sometimes, I just need to be Sarah, and not Sarah the Breasted One.  And I'm not even that large on top, I'm between a C and D cup, depending on the bra.

Purposefully wore pants today so I could see how these tops would look with pants.  What a cute top!  And it had a green tag which meant it was half price!  SCORE!!!!!!!!!!  Note to all:  after taking all of these photos, I threw this bra away.  It's doing me no favors.

I would have liked to have kept this top (red with navy blue stars!!!) but it had a stain on the back.  Darn it.  Do you like my Sheldon Cooper smile?  I was sending all these photos to my husband and trying to make him laugh.

This is a striped top from Avenue.  It's a size 18/20 so I thought it would be too big, but someone dried the heck out of this top so it was almost tight on me.  Really love the elbow length sleeves and the scoop neck, so I picked it up.

Not my favorite, but it's a good work staple.  The colors are hard to see, but it's turquoise, navy, lime and yellow stripes, on a white shirt with gold thread.  It's a Cato Woman shirt, in a size 18/20W.  Lots of good colors

This shirt had no size in it, but the label only says "Wrinkle Free" and gosh darn it, that's good enough for me.  The stripes are in black, navy, baby blue and gray on white.  Again, I chose it for the good colors to match a bottom to, not because I'm a fan of collared shirts.  Plus I hate ironing.  Plus I love a 3/4 sleeve.

Wanted to keep, but put back.  Great solid orange color, and autumn is so close!  But it was too wide in the shoulders for me, and you can see my tattoo.  So I put it back, but I wasn't happy about it.  No sir.

So here is the outfit I picked out for my interview tomorrow:

Gray heather dress trousers from Lane Bryant, bought this year and worn only once before.  $1.79 top from Goodwill, and Target green cardigan.  I haven't figured out which shoes to wear yet, and I'm going to wear my autism circle pendant and plain ol CZ studs in my ears.  Simple but put together.
Isn't the pattern lovely?

Well, that's my post for today.  I'd tell you what I did today, but you don't want to hear about dishes and laundry, do you?  I didn't think so.